Happy Fasting!

Hello all, not felt Ramadhan month finally arrived o:) Month in which the long-awaited by Muslims around the world. The blessed month of Ramadhan, we live it (Muslims) to fast a whole month with nothing to hold the passions :) very noble and pleasant to me hihi :3 Well, since Ramadhan month is identical to "fasting" and "breaking fasting", according to tradition, usually in today before breaking the fast, we do "Ngabuburit". Ngabuburit this is sort activity that is usually done together to fill the empty time before breaking the fast. Exciting ya? :D with the tradition that I ended up with my big family, Ngabuburit together and break the fast together as well :3 Oya, what about your activities while undergoing fasting? ;;) But, Happy Fasting for those who celebrate o:) Mohon Maaf Lahir Batin yaa :D 

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