Like Casual

Today, I want to go "Ngabuburit" casually. Very simple but interesting that's what I like :3 Well guys, what about fasting for a run? would have been nice to do it with sincerity o:) 


Own Time

Hi readers! Want to be alone! That's what I feel now hahaha :D more precisely, want to own in the sense of want to calm :3 Therefore, I feel that now, I express in the fashion and the outfit I'm wearing right now. Let see guys :)


Happy Fasting!

Hello all, not felt Ramadhan month finally arrived o:) Month in which the long-awaited by Muslims around the world. The blessed month of Ramadhan, we live it (Muslims) to fast a whole month with nothing to hold the passions :) very noble and pleasant to me hihi :3 Well, since Ramadhan month is identical to "fasting" and "breaking fasting", according to tradition, usually in today before breaking the fast, we do "Ngabuburit". Ngabuburit this is sort activity that is usually done together to fill the empty time before breaking the fast. Exciting ya? :D with the tradition that I ended up with my big family, Ngabuburit together and break the fast together as well :3 Oya, what about your activities while undergoing fasting? ;;) But, Happy Fasting for those who celebrate o:) Mohon Maaf Lahir Batin yaa :D 


Want to go far..

Want to go away... inspired me in wearing an outfit :3 LOL -_- Maybe, the outfit I wore today suitable and convenient to travel to spend and tiring trip :p


Long Weekend Part 3

Vocation will end soon :( *garuktembok* it was not really wiling that we should end this long holiday and must return to its original activity that is learned in the school :') But, in the remains of this holiday, I was with my friend accidentally filling a more enjoyable vocation is visiting New Kuta Green Park :3 more precisely this long holiday, I was playing with a water content hahaha :D Well, despite the holidays coming to an end, we must keep the spirit and make the lenght of time this holiday as memorable :) and of course go back to school with a fresh mind :) Survived into the new school in your school guys xoxo

Bazaar, Sunday Market and Garage Sale BFF #2

Hello hello. Bazaar, Sunday Market and Garage Sale went on again in the second bazaar day :3 This time in Bazaar, Sunday Market and Garage Sale this very nice in my opinion because in the bazaar booths selling a variety of clothes and accessories worth more diverse and well angled. Of course we also invited several others indie band that exist in Bali to enliven the event Bali Fashion Blogger. Well guys, let's come to our next bazaar on 14 and 15 July in Warung Mama'e to fill the rest of your vocation especially those in Bali :3