Happy new year!!

Happy New year 2012 guys :) Hope in the year of the dragon we all can become a better person and certainly can achieve our resolutions that have not been achieved in the year 2011 and we will do this in 2012This New Year celebration whenever I spend time in my bedroom sweet room :D to watch movies that I like and read my favorite bookPromptly at 12 amI opened the window and saw how beautiful fireworks that lit simultaneously. Once again, Happy New Year yaa ;;)


Holiday Timeee

Yihiiiii, finally vacation filled with things that are useful are the streets with My Best friends :D At Holiday Time part 1 of this I am with my friends is Kemara and Rai hihihi :3 All three of us on vacation to one of the hotels owned Kemara =)) There we have fun and spend time together to swim and walk around the beach of Kuta. This is My Quality time with My BestFriend :)))
In one of the rooms in the Kemara hotel's :D
J.cool Timeeee after swim :9


All Brown+Mini Tote Bag Gadis

After buying the GADIS Annual, the bonus is a Mini Tote Bag from GADIS :3 Was happy because I get a bonus Mini Tote Bag in brown. I am thinking and initiative to integrate the color Mini Tote Bag with mini chocolate brown dress my youth. Check it out
Mini Tote Bag Brown from GADIS :3


Happy CakeDay Mom♥♥

Yipii, finally made ​​my Mom's surprise success in the weight of 15 December :D My Mom looked surprised and delighted as well as 46th anniversary her birthday this year could take place even though it was simple hihihi. Once again Happy Cake Day Mom!! always wished you a lot of luck, marked a lifelong, plus gorgeous hihihi, God Bless you Mom♥ We love youuuu :*



I really liked the color orange. Orange color especially soft and gentle touch. Instead I have found this orange-colored clothes in my closet and I mix with bright red color :)
That combine with the color red, then Elmo I also fully compatible with this orange color :)



This song is my favorite song on the playlist on my phone. Very, very happy with Secondhand Serenade♥ especially with vocals and handsome :3 one of the songs that I like is Vulnerable. Told about a couple who abandoned her partner when the couple left behinda very loved. So sweet and touching the hearts of every woman :'3

Share with me the blankets that you're wrapped in
Because it's cold outside, cold outside, it's cold outside
Share with me the secrets that you kept in
Because it's cold inside, cold inside, it's cold inside

And you're slowly shaking finger tips
Show that you're scared like me so
Let's pretend we're alone
And I know you may be scared
And I know we're unprepared
But I don't care

Tell me, Tell me
What makes you think that you are invicible?
I can see it in your eyes that you're so sure
Please don't tell me that I'm the only one that vulnerable

I was born to tell you I love you
Isn't that a song already?
I get a B in originality
And it's true I can't go on without you
Your smile makes me see clearer
If you could only see in the mirror what I see

Slow down girl-- you're not going anywhere
Just wait around and see
Maybe I am much more you never know what lies ahead
I promise I ca be anyone, I can be anything
Just because you were hurt doesn't mean you shouldn't bleed
I can be anyone, anything, I promise I can be what you need 



Very, very like with this one motif. This is the polka-dot motif. This time I would combine the nation's heritage is Batik Indonesia precisely. in the present, Batik is not only impressed the ancient, but also there is now called modern Batik. Although modern, but the ingredients are still using batik, it's just that his motives are faces made to look like modern. yeah, now I was a combination of modern batik patterned polka-dot and polka-dot patterned wedgesas well.

Pink polka-dot patterned wedges
John Lennon Sunglasses :D