Really like the pink, especially pink are not just pink. But can be paired with an abstract item though. For example, pink drees with a touch of Batik paired with leggings that color does not match. Plus paired with pink wedges. So cute :) 


Something that I like

Leather Jacket+ Tank top+ Mini shorts+ Vintage Heels+ Animal bag = I like it

Happy Cake Day Trisnadutt!!


Happy cake day 17th Trina duttt !! always hope the best for you and longlife :*


Yeah, last weekend with weather that is not supported, and My Bestfriend I finally fixed at the beginning of the plan that is refreshing :3 The five of us including me went to a mall and we decided to return to the streets at night to Central Parking :D we five of us are very enjoy this time to enjoy the weekend. Thanks Guys