The Ancient Time

Joy be being like-ancient models hihi :3 Like all the models wear time immemorial bwahahaha :$ Now this I like the dominant variety of really girly floral, polkadots are also models which certainly was very chic in this year <3 Well, this year the trend since the ancient motif "Shine" again, I tried to take My Mom had a polkadot skirt+was added to the simple orange tanktop and of course coupled wear sweet wedges :) Ready hangout today? ;;)


Temu Kangen Surprise

Time to gather with old friends guys. Well, yesterday I was with my friend Junior High School held a small event, it can be said this is a Reunion together for too long we have not seen hihihi :3 or can also say this event "Temu Kangen" :)) And then, the event this look place at Warung Mina Dalung. Although not too much to attend, but the show was a successand certainly memorable+fun :') sssttt, at this reunion we all make a small surprise for our Best friend that is Rai Arini :))
Taraaaa, Surprise in the form a collection of photos with ready :3 See how it poses "iuuuh" bwahahaha =))
This is where the reunion in Warung Mina Dalung
Time to give surprise to my beloved Best friend Rai Arini :)) Tadaaaa =))
I wear when reunion :)


Refreshing-Relaxing part 2

Yeaaah, it seems like weeks are weeks of happen for me bwahahahaha:D These weeks I have so much free time to refresh my brain back already tired hahahaha:3 When, last week with family on vocation to Bedugul , well in occasion I also make time vocation with my Best Friend :)) This time I relax premises is a simple way just to visit a mall in Bali and watch action movies with them :3 *speechless* Well, on this occasion I also maximizes to look casual but fashionable :3
Expression when driving a vehicle *LOL*
The Raid timessss with Them<3
On this sunny day, I use a longer dress+baggy pants and also wedges from UP :)