Blends of Gray

all kinds of colors can be combined. However, the gray color is more easily to the mix and match with any color because gray is a neutral color

Flat shoes paired with black socks? why not?

My Quality Time

Sunday is the day that I've been waiting for in full this week. because on Sunday I can relax while enjoying the beautiful days of inactivity. Even now in the days this week I ended upwith my friends to go for refreshing in the mall and beach. it is just fun guys

My lunch menu

w/ My Beloved Double 'R'

taraaaa, this is beach. 66 beach is very amazing and can be as free as possible of expression here. sunset here is also very beautiful

Enjoy in 66 beach accompanied by Ice Lemon Tea :9


My Prefer

My Preferences for something unique and instantly evoke the mood I can listen to music or with images that contains quotas that could revive the mood I'm screwed. These are somepictures or quotas of my favorites 

This is the sweetest moments I've ever seen! so sweet :')

Fireworks in GKS :D

A wonderful bouquet of flowers. I wish someday there who gave me this flower bwakaka =D

 And This is My Favorite quotas from passage of several novel :D

 My Favorite Quotaaaas :)


80's Edition

Serves as interested in style dress ancient people who exactly 80 years featuring a unique style and different from the others. Seen from the color and shape we can think that the clothes worn are very unique and rare in an age now. This time I try to combine elements of 80s from the clothes I got from my Mom and combine it with the style now. check it out



After a loading-unloading cabinet, I find many clothes that I rarely use, and certainly with avariety of colors, ranging from the soft to the colorfull. and it seems in my mind, these colors can also mix and match. check it out~

In addition to blend colors, I also really liked one of the dolls doll that I think is funny is thered ELMO colorfull. Elmo is in my opinion one of the many dolls that have their owncharacter especially with the blend color colorfull.