like a green garden

Such a cool green garden, I really like it because my feel calmness when I in it <3 Some days, I love to apply this color into the outfit I wear everyday. This cool green color I usually pair with a matching outfit as well, such as pattern flowers with an undulating plain green skirt. very cool I think<3 the reason I love this cool color because lately my brain is saurated :') saturated at the thought and stress about Ujian Nasional to be held in April hiks:') but, keep calm and keep trying! wish me luck yah:') well, enjoy with a green garden lol :D


Tosca Mint Time

Now, time to falling in love with mint Tosca ;;) Lately, after I went through so many school exams, ranging from tryout until finally UAS has been fulfilled ( Alhamdulillah :D ). And now, just prepare myself for UN (Ujian Nasional) pray for me yah :'D Well, with all existing saturation, right now, I'm infatuated with bright colors such as mint tosca :D bright colors are not always for non formal events, but, when we want to use them (bright colors) to any formal events, we will look more elegant and "different" from others. I've done it guys yayy :p