The End of June : My Day

Hello June, Hello My Day hihi :3 That's right, this June ( more precisely the end of June ) is a My Special Day :3 Yap, the exact date of June 28 a few days ago, I've entered the age of 17 years (finally) :D Since by peoples, the number 17 it self is a sacred number to celebrate (redundant-_-) Because of that philosophy, I finally celebrated my 17th birthday with the people closest to me, because I'm including a simple one :3 Although it is not merrier in generally, but I think this is a very memorable party with the people closest to me  and especially My Best Friend :') Good bye June, Good bye June 28, may be still met in the next year and certainly in the coming days I become more mature. Amin o:)




3 komentar:

  1. uwaa, happy birthday sayang! aku ga tau km ulangtahun :( mgkin ucapan selamat ulgtaunnya udah telat ya. But wish you all the best!

  2. aeeet gpp kk :$ Aminn o:) makasii kk dias :*

  3. happy b'day for you :)
    hello dear!
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