Ready for to go

I'm ready for to go tonight *party* precisely last night, I was ready to go to school event is GKS yeyy:3 SMAN 1 Denpasar school event, every year has a tradition of conducting school anniversary summit held massive:3 Well, every year my school definitely invites guest star (for sure) hihi. This year, GKS invites guest star are RAN and ANDRA AND THE BACKBONE yipiii :3 really enjoyed the show last night xoxo <3

Happy Cake Day Big Boss!

Happy Cake Day Big Boss! a.k.a my Dad <3 Yeii, precisely, on 18th September ago, my dad turns 48 years old :3 Well, time that day, my mom, my sister and I provide a small surprise for him. Do you know he reaction? reaction he just flat and no impression shocked bwahaha =)) However, a funny surprise when he asked repeatedly in the photo as it blew out the candles and cut the cake :3 :3 Best wishes for u Dad! Longlife and accompany me every time every where:') Love u!<3


Stranded and Just Wait

Hey readers! how are u? perhaps, I was too late make a new post hiks :') because of homework and activities in the school are very draining ideas and energy :') Well, enjoy it while there is still time to do:) Enjoy for my new post guys <3 Fighting <3


Real (Vintage) Girl

Yeahh I'm real girl hihi:3 this time, I dress up and wear outfit that looked as "really girl" haha:3 usually, I prefer to wear jeans with a shirt or tanktop, this time I wear flower dress with sweet flatshoes:3 because the day my mood to turn into girly maybe yaa hihi. even so, I still look grim face seemed yaa guys? :p xoxo


September Ceria☀

Hello September Ceriaaaa<3 not felt finally in the year 2012 has been entered in September, by leaps and bounds yaa :'D Well, in September was full of cheerful (amin), I'm also cheer yourself by wearing outfit that completely cheerful too hihi :3 on this occasion, I was lucky to get a chance to wear outfit given by UB-VINTAGE belonged to a sister of my friend kk yonas:3 really love the motif depicting the "cheerful" fit in September this<3 animal print motif also raise my mood in the month of September. Ready to cheer month ahead guys<3

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